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An Autonomous Guided UVC-Sterilizer (AGS) is a mobile robot that runs, navigates and disinfects area by itself without human intervention. It can disinfect Offices, Homes, Malls, Factories, Hospitals, Airports and any other places.

Autonomous Guided UVC-Sterilizer (AGS)

What’s in the Box?

AGS Features: Let’s Look Inside

Icon Mobile Virus Killing

Mobile Virus killing

High power UVC lights are attached on the autonomous vehicle. which is not required any human intervention to control. It can cover every corner of the place for effective killing of virus.

Icon Multi Purpose


AGS comes with 2 attachments i.e. Serving tray and UVC attachment. It can be use as sterilization and serving robot. It can carry up-to 20Kg of load.

Icon Smart Algorithms

Smart Algorithms

Smart algorithms creates its own map and localize the robot. It can calculate sterilizing time according to the area. It can cut off the UVC lights imminently in presence of humans.

Icon User Interface

User Interface

User friendly user interface provided on on-board touch display. User can change the modes of the robot. In the serving mode, user can give any goal to the robot on map. Robot will plan its path can achieve the goal.

Sterilization Process


Chart Sterilization Process

Product Highlights

  • PIntegrated performance class lasers and infrared scanners to track the environment along with the accuracy and smartness of the navigation stack
  • P3D vision based highly accurate navigation stack
  • PEffective 6 UVC lamps with intensity of 30W each to kill 99.9% viruses & germs
  • PAGS is capable of sanitizing 15000Sq. ft. / Hour
  • PHuman detection range up to 12 meters
  • PUVC power backup up to 2 hours on single charge
  • PAGV power backup up to 5 hours on single charge
Autonomous Guided UVC-Sterilizer (AGS) Front
Autonomous Guided UVC-Sterilizer (AGS) Back

Product Components

Autonomous Guided UVC-Sterilizer (AGS) Front

Human Detection Sensors to Switch Off UVC Lights

6 x 30W UVC Lamps for Efficient Sterilization

10.1 Inch Touch Display

Inbuilt Battery With UVC Attachment

Depth Sensing Camera

Obstacle Detection Sensors

360 Degree Laser Scanner

Robotic Smart Solution for

Offices Homes Malls Factories Hospitals Airports

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Robotic Smart Solution (AGS)

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